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Xue Pian Snow Flake * Chaozhou Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea Feng Huang Dan Cong

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Xue Pian Snow Flake * Chaozhou Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea Feng Huang Dan Cong Item NO.: 253153316479

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Product Name Xue Pian Snow Flake * Chaozhou Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea Feng Huang Dan Cong
Item NO. 253153316479
Weight 0.6 kg = 1.3228 lb = 21.1644 oz
Category OOLONG TEA > Phoenix Dancong
Tag Xue Pian Snow Flake * Chaozhou Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea Feng H
Creation Time 2019-06-11

[GRANDNESS] Xue Pian (Snow flake), 500g Original Premium Chaozhou Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea, Dan cong Without Artificial Scent

Type: Oolong tea (Partially fermented tea)

Origin: Chaozhou, China

Fragrance: refreshing fragrance

Grade: AAAAA

Net Weight:125g*4pcs, 4pcs/bag, Total 500g.

Time of picking: This year Spring Harvest season.

Shelf life:24 months

Storage: dark, airtight, dry, no odor


Tea base is located at Wudong mountain in Chaozhou Phoenix mountains. The elevation of this mountain is 1200 meters. The main peak of Phoenix mountains is 1497 meters high, the highest peak in east of Guangdong. It is also the hometown of oolong tea and the cradle of the minority nationality—She nationality. On the middle of this mountain, there are many tea trees in Song dynasty, which are 10 meters high, over 700 years old, and cover more than 1 acre. On the top of this mountain, there is a Phoenix pond which covers more than 60 acres. This place is close to East China Sea, so its climate is warm and rainy. And this area shrouded by clouds all year round which leads to the moist air and the large different temperature between day and night. The annual average temperature is over 22 degree and the annual precipitation is about 1800mm. So the soil is fertile and deep with rich organic substances and microelements, which benefits to the growth of tea and formation of polyphenols and aromatic substances. So the quality of Phoenix tea is excellent for tender leaves and little bitter. It is known as “beautiful appearance, green color, rich fragrance and sweet taste”.

Features of Phoenix Dancong tea: stout and upright appearance; cinnamon color; flower fragrance; rich, mellow and refreshing tastes; clear tea water; sweet aftertaste.

Chaozhou kungfu tea is deeply loved by people. Many people in Chaoshan will brew a pot of tea in the morning, drinking when they feel sleepy. People in Chaozhou like meet friends with drinking tea. They like to drink tea with friends when have a chat or exchange of information. Drinking tea is not only for quenching thirst, but contains rich cultural content. Tea is called “tea rice” by Chaozhou people because tea is just as important as rice in their heart.

It is known by world that people of Chaoshan like drinking Kungfu tea. Chaozhou Phoenix mountains is the cradle of Phoenix Dancong. You can see Kungfu tea everywhere in Chaozhou, and the tea is Phoenix Dancong forever.

Brewing methods:

Tea set—medium tureen made of purple sand or ceramic

Amount of tea—put 7-10g tea leaves into 150ml tureen; because good tea does not need too much tea leaves, otherwise, tea water may be too bitter or thick.

Water—boiled water (above 95 degree); Pure mineral water or pure water is the best choice.

Time of infusion—Dancong tea cannot be infused too long, it should be in 20 seconds. And Dancong tea could be infused 10 times.



Чай получила быстро, упакован идеально, приятно пахнет луговыми травами при заваривании, вкус мягкий, впечатляющий. Спасибо продавцу!